LOML Impressions
Lucky To Have These Loves In My Life

Hello and Thank You for checking us out!

I will be your main contact when going through the planning process with LOML.  I appreciate you sharing your unique story with me. I love turning the best day of your life into a fun video you can share & enjoy for years to come!

When I'm not shooting and editing weddings I love hanging out with my husband Mark and two boys Leo & Lucas and baby girl Ailee. You can also find me running half marathons all over the United States, playing the violin, drinking coffee, and running graphics for the Cavs and Browns scoreboard shows during the fall and winter months.  I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love and be creative all year long.  

Coree Miracola
Hayley Welsh

Hayley started helping out with weddings about 3 years ago and we are so happy to have her on our team.  She has an amazing artistic eye and has grown tremendously in a short time.

Besides being a great artist and student, Hayley volunteers with H2O (Help to Others) making a big impact in her community.  Despite her college workload she has still found time to keep helping out on the weekends.  We are lucky to have her fresh take on video and social media. 

Erin Lindsey

Erin also started helping out on Wedding days about 2 years ago.  As a full-time teacher and mom it was probably not on her radar, but life has a way of throwing unexpected twists at us.  After the birth of her third daughter, she found herself taking some time off to take care of the girls.  I jumped on the opportunity to have her join our team because she is wonderful!  In just a few short weddings she was already coming up with new ideas and helping me out tremendously.


When Erin isn't being an awesome side-kick, she loves hanging out with her family and extended family, volunteering at church, cooking and traveling.